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The Best Healthcare Apps for Patients

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By Phil Cohen

Should I be worried about these bumps on my arm? What is my child’s cough from? Should I go to the doctor? How can I tell if this illness is serious? We’ve all been in situations similar to these. Or what if you’re in a parking lot this winter and someone slips and hits their head? What do you do?

When sickness strikes or emergencies happen, immediate answers to these questions can help calm you down. Also, get you, or the person in the parking lot, safe and healthy.

Whipping out your cell phone is usually the first step. Consider the case of not having to call 911 immediately in an emergency. There are apps can help you know which steps to take to help someone who is hurt or sick. When it comes to medical and health apps, we’ve looked into some of the top healthcare apps you should have. Here are our top picks for the best healthcare apps!

8 Best Healthcare Apps for the Digital Age

First Aid from American Red Cross

This could be the answer to helping the person who slipped in the parking lot. The Red Cross has put their expertise into a user-friendly mobile app to help people react in emergencies that can help save someone’s life. They have different sections for all kinds of injuries or health emergencies. From allergies, asthma and bleeding to concussions, burns and heart attacks, the Red Cross app wants you to be completely educated and prepared for emergencies.

In addition to this specific first aid app, the American Red Cross has other apps for natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes to assist with the crisis through a digital platform. The apps are free for users to download on a smartphone or tablet.


So, you start to get sick and you immediately search the internet to find the cause of your symptoms and come upon WebMD, as usual. In a lot of cases, WebMD shows up to provide some sort of answer and insight. But what about getting that information at your fingertips? WebMD is one of the best healthcare apps because it gives patients the answers they’re accustomed to in a faster, easier and more accessible format.

This health app is free and offers physician-reviewed information, a directory of doctors in your area, a pill identifier and more…all for free.

Microsoft HealthVault

This health and fitness app is a little different from the others because you have to put your own medical information into the app before you use it. It acts as a universal database for you to put your medical history, prescriptions, doctors, and can be used to log your diet and exercise routines.

Users can also access their family’s medical information, which is great in an emergency situation. For example, was it your sister or brother that’s allergic to penicillin? No need to guess with this medical app.


This is a pharmaceutical app created to help you save money on prescriptions. If you have insurance, you can enter your information into the app to determine your copay, find the cheapest pharmacy, and get additional discounts. Their app has reviews from users saying they saved up to 75% on medication from using OneRx. The goal of OneRx is to make it easy and quick to get the best prices for you or your family member’s medication.

Stress Check

This free app was created with mental health in mind, rather than physical health or illness prevention. Mental health is equally as important physical health, and Stress Check helps your psychological or physical stress by measuring heart rate.

Users simply put their finger up to their camera lens when the app is open to check stress levels. Your phone does need to have a working flash in order for the app to work.

Doctor on Demand

This app reinvents healthcare as a whole. It basically puts you on a live video chat with a certified physician or doctoral-level therapist. It takes the hassle of the waiting room out of the picture and can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This mobile app can treat common illnesses such as a cold, flu, UTI, skin issues and depression to name a few. This app is not free and prices range from $75 to over $200. Here’s what Doctor on Demand looks like from the app store:

Screenshot of Doctor on Demand app from the app store


Similar to Doctor on Demand, the HealthTap app is a way for you to talk to doctors, ask questions, or virtually consult with physicians through video to get the medical attention you need, 24 hours a day. You can get instant, free answers from doctors of different specialties, rather than just searching your symptoms online and guessing what’s wrong.

LiveHealth Online

This health app gives you access to more than just doctors. You can talk to licensed therapists, lactation consultants, dietitians and more via video. There’s no need to make an appointment or spend time in a waiting room with LiveHealth.

This mobile app is easy to use because you don’t need to try to describe your symptoms in a search because it uses video chatting, which can be covered by most insurance companies. Instead of typing “red, itchy, small, circular” into a search box, you can actually show a doctor the marks on your arm.

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