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Factoring Success Stories

PRN Funding’s Factoring Experts Create Wins for Everyone

Experience matters in the nurse staffing factoring business.  It takes years in the industry to learn the ins and outs of what’s possible. PRN Funding brings a level of experience and factoring expertis..

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Temporary Nursing Staffing Company

Temporary Nurse Staffing Company Testimonials An Opportunity for Acquisition Barry was the office manager of a temporary nurse staffing company for many years when he was approached with a great busines..

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Testimonial: Temporary Medical Staffing

Starting a Temporary Medical Staffing Company After years of working as a temporary nurse, Jill decided that she wanted to start her own temporary healthcare staffing business. She knew the ins and outs of..

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Medical Transcription Service Organization

Healthcare Factoring Case Study: An MTSO Doubles Its Transcription Business by Factoring This MTSO discovered quickly that in the business world, an opportunity to double one’s business can be both..

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Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Success Story An Entrepreneurial Mindset David had aspirations of entrepreneurship ever since he graduated from college. Due to the ever-increasing demand for health care, he found an oppor..

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Allied Health Staffing Agency

Allied Healthcare Agency Success Story In Need of Additional Credit For Richard and his wife Maria’s allied health staffing agency, business was good. The couple had started their allied health busin..

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Hospice Temporary Staffing Case Study

Helping Dreams Come True Chastity Williams has a big heart, and she had a big dream. As a long term care nurse she had many encounters with hospice nursing. At the time, there was a tremendous nursing shor..

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Medical Staffing Invoice Factoring Case Study

The New “Old-time” Banker: Growing in a Recession When Greg Donnelly bought a small respiratory staffing company, he immediately set to work growing the business, focusing on providing excellen..

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Medical Transcription Factoring Case Study

Medical Transcription Factoring Helps Company Obtain Funding to Grow Launching a New Company Terri Davis was excited to start her new business, Clear Choice Transcription, a diverse transcription company..

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