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Are You a Broker? Partner with PRN Funding.

PRN Funding, LLC constantly seeks to develop new factor referral relationships with brokers and cash flow consultants throughout the United States. We are focused on creating long lasting and profitable relationships with factoring brokers and look forward to helping you to solve your client’s cash flow problems. PRN Funding’s exceptional and professional accounts receivable factoring service is readily available to solve the financial needs of your medical and healthcare clients.

PRN Funding Offers:

  • Accounts receivable financing to any sized company that provides goods or services to healthcare providers.
  • Professional medical collection services, credit management, and online reporting for all of our clients.
  • Ultimate flexibility with no binding term contracts, no minimums, and no monthly fees.
  • Quick and simple solutions to your client’s cash flow problems with fast response times to get deals done.
  • Referral fee is paid to cash flow consultants who facilitate the arrangement of financing for healthcare vendors (i.e. temporary nurse staffing agencies, medical transcription services, medical coding services, medical supply companies, etc.)
  • Broker fee is paid for the lifetime of the deal.
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We look forward to discussing PRN Funding’s services and our factoring affiliate programs with you. For more information or a broker package, please fill out the factoring referral sign up form or read more about our factoring broker program. 

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