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Companies PRN Funding Works With

PRN Funding works to provide monetary assistance to a variety of companies in the healthcare industry, regardless of size. However, some of PRN’s clients are larger and more recognizable than others – and often are vendor management systems.

If your company works with or invoices any of these vendor management systems, give us a call. If you’re interested in factoring, we can get you on the path to being funded.

If you’re unsure if you want to factor your company’s invoices, that’s okay as well. Let us know you’re interested in knowing more about the factoring process — we’ll be happy to explain what invoice factoring is, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

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Does your business work with a company or vendor management system that’s not listed here? PRN Funding can still help you secure the capital you need. We factor outstanding invoices from companies that work within these health-related industries.

PRN Funding is a factoring company dedicated to providing your business with the most professional and helpful invoice factoring services available. PRN works specifically with B2B companies in the healthcare niche.

Vendor Management Systems Who Work With PRN Funding

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