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Factoring Your AMN Invoices

If your company works with the vendor management system AMN Healthcare, you are eligible to factor your invoices in exchange for a cash advance.

Why Factor Your AMN Invoices?

Factoring your AMN Invoices gives your company the money it needs to pay bills, take on new projects and make payroll in between long pay periods. Factoring is not debt and it does not require your company to put down collateral. All your business needs is a client with good credit and unpaid invoices.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Accounts receivable factoring, also known as invoice factoring, is the process of selling your business’ outstanding invoices to a factoring company for a cash advance.

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How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

Serve Your Clients

Your company services your clients as usual.

Submit Invoice to PRN Funding

After services are completed, submit the invoices to factor to PRN Funding.


PRN Funding then verifies that the work has been performed or products have been delivered.

Receive Cash Within 24 Hours

PRN Funding then advances you the cash your company needs within 24 hours.

Why Invoice Factoring?

Factoring is easy — it’s as easy as filling out a form or making a phone call.

Factoring is fast. Your business can get funded in as fast as 24 hours.

Factoring is flexible — you decide which invoices your company wants to factor.

Factoring your AMN invoices allows your company to balance its cash flow while taking on new clients and projects without having to go into debt or dip into saved personal finances. 

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Does your company work with a VMS other than AMN Healthcare? PRN Funding works with a variety of other companies and within several health-related industries.

About AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare is a large network of health-related companies that specialize in temporary, per-diem and permanent placement workforce solutions. Whether your business is staffing physicians, nurses, consulting or leadership, AMN Healthcare can help organize and streamline the hiring and scheduling process.

AMN Healthcare started in 1985 in Reno, Nevada and has since expanded to have offices in several locations across the United States.

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