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Factoring Your HealthTrust Invoices

Does your business work with the vendor management system HealthTrust? If the answer is yes, your company could be getting funding easier and faster by factoring HealthTrust’s invoices.

Why Factor Your HealthTrust VMS Invoices?

Factoring your HealthTrust invoices allows your business to get funding faster, meaning your business can continue operations without throwing off the company cash flow. Factoring HealthTrust invoices also allows your business to keep a steady cash flow while taking on new clients, making payroll, hiring new employees, purchasing new equipment or paying for other high-priority business expenses.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Accounts receivable factoring, also known as invoice factoring, is the process of selling your business’ outstanding invoices to a factoring company for a cash advance.

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How Does Factoring Work?

Serve Your Clients

Your company services your clients as usual.

Submit Invoice to PRN Funding

After services are completed, submit the invoices to factor to PRN Funding.


PRN Funding then verifies that the work has been performed or products have been delivered.

Receive Cash Within 24 Hours

PRN Funding then advances you the cash your company needs within 24 hours.

Why Invoice Factoring?

Factoring your HealthTrust VMS invoices lets your company balance its cash flow without having to take on personal debt or dip into saved finances. Accounts receivable factoring is the easy and fast way to get the funding your business needs to balance cash flow during long pay periods.

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Does your company work with a VMS other than BlueSky? PRN Funding works with a variety of other companies and within several health-related industries.

About HealthTrust

HealthTrust Purchasing Group is a purchasing model used by hospitals to help save money and provide advisory services. HealthTrust operates under the values of ethics, sustainability, integrity and culture.

The Nashville-based business works with over 1,500 hospitals nationwide.

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