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PRN Funding, an invoice funding firm who specializes in funding medical staffing companies, medical transcription factoring, medical coding financing, is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations.

As a Cleveland-based accounts receivable factoring firm, PRN Funding is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:

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International Factoring Association

PRN Funding is an active member of the International Factoring Association (IFA) whose mission is to assist the invoice factoring community by providing information, training, purchasing power and a resource for the accounts receivable factoring community.

Commercial Finance Association

The president of PRN Funding, Phil Cohen, is a board member of the Commercial Finance Association (CFA). Some of the main objectives of the Commercial Finance Association is to provide through discussion and publication a forum for the consideration of inter- and intra–industry ideas and opportunities, distribute current legislative information and court decisions related to asset-based financial services and to encourage CFA members and their personnel in the performance of their social and community respsonsabilities.

Cleveland: Great Lakes Chapter of the National Funding Association

The National Funding Association (NFA) is a networking organization which consists of  funding professionals  from every financing category (investment bankers, accountants, attorneys, brokers and cash flow consultants, venture capitalists, accounts receivable factoring companies and asset-based lenders) who have come together in order to network with each other and build bridges within the financing community.  PRN Funding is a platinum sponsor for the Cleveland: Great Lakes Chapter of the National Funding Association.

Medical Transcription Industry Association

The Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) is the world’s largest association for medical transcription service organizations. MTIA is a not-for-profit trade association serving the needs of the medical transcription service owners (MTSOs) and their medical transcription companies, vendors operating within the medical transcription world, and health information management (HIM) professionals.  PRN Funding was one of the first members to be honored in MTIA’s Circle of Commitment in 2006.  PRN Funding remains dedicated to the medical transcription industry.

Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is the world’s largest organization working to advance health data capture and documentation by setting standards for education and practice in the field of medical transcription/editing. PRN Funding supports the medical transcription industry, and we are a proud member of AHDI.

National Nurses in Business Association

The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is a professional association that provides business education and mentoring to nurse entrepreneurs. Its mission is to act as a national voice, providing information on business opportunities, creating and offering education and maintaining a networking arena. PRN Funding supports the NNBA as a sponsor and member of the organization.

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