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Factoring 101

Factoring 101: Everything You Need To Know

Factoring is the conversion of accounts receivable into cash by selling outstanding invoices to a factor, such as PRN Funding. A viable option for companies in the early stages of business development and/or during rapid growth, factoring is a financial solution that gives companies immediate cash to manage operations more efficiently. Want some additional key concepts about this financing alternative? PRN’s factoring 101 will help you understand all you need to know to get started.

— Invoice factoring provides a way to fill the gap between when your company delivers a product or service and when your customer pays. We can turn weeks or months into hours or days.

— Factoring invoices is based on your customer’s credit history, not yours. If your company has products or services that it offers to a creditworthy customer, then your business is a good candidate for factoring.

 One of the oldest methods of providing working capital. Dating back 4,000 years, factoring has long been used as a feasible and easy way for businesses to obtain cash flow in order to cover expenses while experiencing growth.

— A simple, fast method to sustain your “business as usual” relationship with your customers. Your company can continue to provide goods or services to your customers with a set-term payment; but with factoring, you no longer have to wait to be paid. By working with PRN Funding, your company can easily obtain cash advances of 80% of the invoiced amount. Cash can be obtained within hours and as often as needed.

— A chance to obtain cash without providing personal collateral or increasing interest expense. Invoice factoring is not a loan and does not “muddy up” your balance sheet. You do not accrue interest or penalties. The factoring fee is clear and objective; it is based on the size of the invoice, the length of time it takes to collect the payment, and the creditworthiness of your customers.

 An opportunity to build your credit: With adequate cash flow, you can use money from factoring to clean up your debts as well as pay overhead, salaries and invoices. This will improve your credit history and make it easier to obtain credit from vendors and other financial institutions.

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When you partner with PRN Funding you will be able to maintain a balanced and healthy cash flow, while building credit. And because your invoices can now be managed by our professional collections service department, your customers will view your company as a healthcare vendor of high consequence.

Factoring your receivables is a great long or short-term solution for small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to funding, we can help build credibility with your clients and represent you as a well-established firm. By working with PRN Funding, your cash flow problems can be solved. This will give your company both the time and money to focus on critical success factors — operations, sales and growth.

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