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Give Gifts the Whole Office Will Enjoy–Guaranteed!

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By Phil Cohen

It’s that time of year again. Radio stations have been playing Christmas music since Thanksgiving, store fronts are decked out in snowflakes and tinsel, and the scramble to find the perfect present for loved ones is in full swing.

During this holiday season, however, don’t forget the about people who are around you the most: your employees.

Shopping to please a wide range of personalities, interests, and ages is difficult. But, it doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, there are such things as crowd-pleasing gifts. Yes, I’m sure the fruitcake seemed like a good idea at the time.

5 Gifts Guaranteed to Please the Whole Office


Books are an incredible opportunity to give customizable gifts to each employee without running the risk of favoritism. Pick books you think each person would enjoy, or that you enjoyed reading and want to share. Your employees will appreciate the thought that went into choosing each book. Plus, books are a great alternative to desk-cluttering trinkets.

Not sure what kind of book Jan in HR would like? Go for a general-enjoyment book. Fun cook books, classics, or best-sellers are always a safe bet. Everyone enjoys a good read, so don’t get too hung up over finding the perfect hardback. The time you took to pick out their gift will surely be recognized whether or not the genre you pick is their “go-to.”

Take it to the next step and use the blank page inside the front cover to write a personalized message. Kind words are always well received, and taking the time to write a message shows your employees that you care.

“Consumable Things”

If you’re choosing between a fun item, or a food item, choose the food. Nice, specialty food items are unusual gifts and are appreciated widely throughout the office. Go for something unique like a nice olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Choosing something that can be used so many different ways offers options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Or, try something a little classy like a wine and chocolate pairing. A good bottle of wine doesn’t have to be too expensive, and an eclectic chocolate flavor to go with it will make your gift fun and enjoyable.

Want to avoid getting a food that someone won’t like? Go for grocery store gift cards. Everyone grocery shops, and giving them gift cards lets them choose what they want to buy. Plus, a discount on groceries during the holiday season is something everyone will love.

A Home-Cooked Meal

For small businesses with only a handful of employees, a hosted dinner speaks wonders. Sure, reservations at a nice restaurant are good, but hosting a dinner party at your house will show your office members the degree of your appreciation. Also, hosting gives you a chance to talk to employees you don’t normally get to converse with during the work week. Be sure to invite significant others or family members, too, so as not to exclude the people your employees hold most dear.

If you don’t want to commit to hosting an entire dinner, have your staff over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Even spending a couple hours sipping drinks and chatting will give your employees a nice break from work-talk and give you a chance to get to know them outside of the office.

A Post-Holiday Day Off

An extra post-holiday day off is a gift your employees will receive gratefully and use to their advantage. Let them decide how they want to spend their time away from work—with family, friends, or just relaxing after the busy holiday. For employees who travel for the holidays, an extra day away from the office allows them to not feel rushed on their return home. When they come back to the office, they will feel well-rested and thankful for the chance to unwind.

Giving the gift of a day off work is an easy way to give something that everyone in the office will enjoy. It doesn’t require you to worry about choosing something specific for each person, nor does it run into the problem of potentially offending an employee with what you choose. And best of all—it’s free!

Succulents & Desktop Moss Terrariums

Wanna step outside the box? Succulents and moss terrariums are a great way to bring some life to the office without the commitment. Unlike many other plants, succulents only require water once or twice a month. That means employees won’t have to worry about their plants dying while they’re busy with other work, or out of the office. Want an even lower maintenance option? Moss terrariums are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly easy to take care of. Rarely, if at all, do they require extra water once you plant them in a terrarium. (Honestly, it takes more effort to kill them than it does to keep them alive.)

Moss terrariums and succulents can be purchased online. But, consider using this as an opportunity to make the most out of your holiday season in the office. Devote a portion of your day to a terrarium-making session. Provide the supplies, and encourage your staff to be creative. The event will be therapeutic and bring a little greenery to the wintery weather. Your employees will certainly appreciate the refreshing break from the day, and a gift that will last longer than holiday cookies.

Showing your employees that you appreciate them doesn’t have to involve over-the-top, expensive gifts. So, skip the fruitcake this year, and give gifts that are guaranteed to show your gratitude.

Want more suggestions? Check out this list of employee favorites.

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