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Increased Medical Hires in 2016: Good News for Staffing Companies

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By Phil Cohen

A Bright 2016 Ahead For Healthcare Staffing

Staffing companies can expect to have a good year this coming 2016. According to Staffing Industry Analysis, the United States has already added 144,000 jobs to the healthcare industry since 2014. The healthcare staffing revenue will reach $12.7 billion by December, with a 17% increase from last year. Healthcare staffing numbers have raised in travel nursing, per diem nursing, locum tenens and allied health. There are no projected numbers yet for 2016, but another jump up is expected.

The increase in staffing can largely be accredited to the number of newly insured patients as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The act has increased the demand for healthcare personnel. It is estimated that six million more people will be ensured in 2016.

Times are Changing

Another rising factor in employment is a result of the ICD-10 change. The new medical coding system has changed as of October and there is no looking back. New hires are needed for training on the new systems and putting them into effect. The new code system has a 300% increase in the number of codes which is resulting in a lower coder productivity. The rise of tele-medicine is also calling for more staff. The flexibility and lost cost nature of the programs leaves companies looking for more physicians and nurses. Areas that are scarce in the health industry are the ER, school and primary care, and worker’s compensation.

Hospitals and nurse practitioners offices currently hold the most new hires but there is a shift coming. Lower cost facilities are beginning to see a rise in hires in places like urgent care clinics.

A “Scribe” is a new job occupation that is hitting hospitals and will be another position that needs to be filled. The scribe will accompany the doctor and performs logins and patient record updates. This will help the doctor to increase the amount of patients they have to see.

Where to Turn for Financial Support

Without having the proper funds, your healthcare staffing company can run into some issues with all the new hiring demands. Staffing factoring can get your business where it needs to be and give you the freedom to take on more clients and grow. PRN Funding understands that slow paying clients are tough to handle when you are trying to pay bills. We even offer payroll and back office support services to lighten the load of your day to day tasks. Let us be the tool to help you reach your goals this year.

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Phil Cohen

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