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Healthcare Payroll Funding

Grow Your Staffing Agency with Payroll Funding

Payroll Financing Services

PRN Funding offers quick and flexible payroll funding for the healthcare staffing industry.  Turn your healthcare staffing receivables into immediate working capital with payroll financing, also known as accounts receivable factoring.

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities rely on temporary healthcare staffing companies to maintain sufficient staffing levels to properly care for their patients. Unfortunately, when these facilities take as long as 120 days to pay for your services it can keep you from making payroll or covering other operating expenses.

End the waiting game and turn your receivables into working capital today!

Payroll factoring for healthcare staffing agencies closes the cash flow gap. PRN Funding will advance you cash on your open invoices and assume the burden of collecting from your customers, freeing you to focus on running your staffing business.

Unlike a loan, there is no debt to repay and your access to working capital grows with your sales. Even if you have a rough financial history or are just starting up your healthcare staffing agency, you can use payroll funding for healthcare staffing agencies to get ahead.

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How Does Payroll Funding Work for Healthcare Staffing Companies?

Submit your invoices for completed shifts, along with time sheets or other verification, to PRN Funding. We will review your invoices for accuracy and advance you a percentage of their value within 24 hours. We will then work with your customers to collect payment directly while you continue doing what you do best – providing staffand reaching out to potential new customers.

When PRN Funding collects payment, you will receive the remainder of your invoice value minus a small factoring fee.

Want to know more about healthcare staffing payroll funding? Use our step-by-step guide to see how PRN Funding can assist your healthcare staffing agency.

What Kind of Invoices Qualify for Factoring?

To qualify for PRN Funding’s staffing payroll funding program, the following conditions must apply to your invoices.

Work must be completed. Invoices that are pre-billing shifts are not eligible for payroll financing.

Billed amounts must be accurate. Shift lengths and billing amounts must match supporting documents and hold up to verification from the customer. This also applies to payouts for hired-in healthcare staff.

Your customers must be approved. PRN Funding works with staffing companies that are billing healthcare facilities and certain state agencies for their services. Because we collect directly from your customers, we conduct credit and background checks to verify each facility’s creditworthiness before approving their account for funding.

If you are billing Medicare or third-party insurance, medical receivables factoring may be the best option for your company. Is healthcare factoring an option for your company? Click here for more information.

Guaranteed relief from slow-paying clients

Are you ready to break out from your cash flow issues and take your medical staffing agency to the next level? With payroll financing you will receive:

  • Cash within hours of invoice verification
  • Flexible funding – choose which invoices to factor, when and how often, and for as long as you need.
  • Industry expertise – PRN Funding has more than a decade of experience working specifically in the healthcare industry. We are comfortable navigating the requirements facing healthcare staffing agencies and have crafted a healthcare staffing payroll funding program to meet your unique needs and challenges.

Don’t let slow payments dictate your staffing agency’s future. Contact PRN Funding today and get back on track with a competitive healthcare staffing payroll funding program!

The factoring approval process is fast and easy! Fill out our simple online application and we will contact you right away to begin the process. A typical healthcare staffing financing program can be set up and initial funding scheduled in as little as 1-3 business days.

Don’t Allow Slow-Paying Customers to Get in Your Way!

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