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How Healthcare Staffing Agencies Can Use Social Media to Hire Top Talent

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By Phil Cohen

Social media is becoming increasingly popular for hiring managers in the healthcare industry to check out potential employees. There are a few platforms that employers should use to recruit top talent for their companies. These include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Tips for Hiring Healthcare Staff Through Social Networks

LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, allows prospects to post their resume to their profile for easy access by recruiters. Healthcare staffing agencies can view a prospect’s former employers, education background, and any other skills or abilities the candidate posts on their profile for viewing.

Twitter, a social networking site for posting news and information in 140 characters or less, allows employers and employees alike to post links to jobs and or voice their desires for certain jobs. It’s helpful for employers to browse different hashtags related to the healthcare industry such as #healthcarestaffing and #healthcarestaffingjobs. There are also Twitter profiles dedicated to posting healthcare jobs which employers can look at to see who is following and interacting on these pages. They can then interact with potential employees.

Although Facebook is not known for recruiting, it has a lot of potential for employers in the healthcare industry to get to know potential prospects. Employers can view photos and posts from applicants and decide if the prospect may be a good fit for the company.

Social Media Tips for You

Below are some social media tips for employers within the healthcare staffing industry to use to ensure they’re interviewing the top prospects:

1. Use hashtags (#)

Use hashtags when posting a job so prospects can easily find your posting on Twitter. For example, if you’re hiring for a home healthcare position after you post the link to the job write somethings similar to #homehealthcareassociate, #jobhunt, #jobsearch, #healthcarejobs. Using hashtags allows people who are not following you to see your tweets. You can also create hashtags using your company name so potential employees can find you that way.

2. Create company pages on social media

Be sure your business has a profile on the social media sites you want to use for recruiting. This gives people the option to follow you and watch for postings and updates on future jobs they’re interested in. You can also increase your brand awareness by frequently posting about current events within your company and blogging.

3. Optimize your social media pages for search

Write good content on your social media pages so that they show up in search results. Use keywords centered around the healthcare staffing industry combined with job search keywords to grab the attention of Google. Describe your company accurately on your social media page, so you don’t catch prospects off guard during interviews.

4. Use analytics

Use Google Analytics to track who’s visiting your pages and how often. You can see when the bulk of your traffic is on your social media page and post jobs during those peak times.

5. Engage with healthcare industry influencers

Ideal prospects most likely already engage with industry influencers on social media. To find and connect with these prospects, you should engage influencers as well. Create a strategy for your recruiting team to connect with and reach out to prospects that are following these influencers.

6. Have your employees spread the word

When your employees post about your business on social media others will see it. Create a strategy for employees to post about the company culture and other positive aspects. If they use hashtags with your business name, it can spark interest with job seekers. Also, it’s always a good idea for employees to post photos of company-wide outings or anything else that would interest potential employees. There is much higher engagement on social media posts that include a photo. Have employees post on their personal pages as well as the company page. According to a Monster survey, 65% of respondents would be more interested in a job opportunity if they learned about it from a personal connection.

Healthcare staffing agencies can and definitely should use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to hire talented staff. Focus on posting relevant content frequently, and your business will catch the attention of job seekers. Betterteam reports that 94% of professional recruiters use social media to network with potential job prospects and 59% of employees admit to choosing their workplace because of its social media presence.

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