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Nursing Home Data is Vulnerable to Online Hacking

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By Phil Cohen

Nursing homes were created to care for our loved ones in their time of need, monitoring and managing their physical, mental and emotional wellness via records stored on a secure system. However, that secure system may not be as safe as previously thought – nursing home record hacking has emerged as a new threat to their patients’ wellbeing.

Hackers Target Nursing Home Data

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, a number of facilities in New York have been victims of nursing home hacking by various online attackers.

Documents including confidential information on three nursing homes in the NY metropolitan area were discovered on a filesharing site,, which cybersecurity experts have tagged as a popular destination for hackers to dump and access information used to infiltrate secure networks.

All three nursing homes used SigmaCare software to manage their records, including personal patient information. While SigmaCare cannot verify how the information was obtained, they contend that the information is insufficient for a hacker to access personal records – which they claim are encrypted. Two of the three facilities mentioned in the report also asserted that the stolen data was not current and could not be used to gain further access into their respective systems.

However, a California cybersecurity firm also uncovered more than 350 additional healthcare providers whose records were shared on the site. Medical records can yield many rewards for the enterprising hacker, making them quite valuable. The revelation of multiple security breaches creates questions about the security of digital health information, particularly with the ongoing shift toward electronic health records.

Not only is confidential patient information migrating to online storage, but the software for a great deal of medical equipment is now accessible online for remote updates and repairs. Unfortunately, many providers are not pursing updated security practices to correspond with their increase in digital information.

How to Combat Nursing Home Record Hacking

As more healthcare information goes digital, your company must protect itself.

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