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Three Things Every Healthcare Startup Needs to Know

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By Phil Cohen

The Boston Business Journal reported that Sky Ventures Group recently held a panel to discuss the healthcare industry and its newest innovations. Some key players at the event were Samsung, Zaffre Investments, and the Unit for Innovative Healthcare Practice & Technology. During the panel, three key elements were discussed that every start-up in the medical field should know and learn. Here are the three top tips for healthcare startups.

1. Mobile Technology is Expanding Fast

If you are in the midst of creating a healthcare startup, you must be willing to move with the times. Hospitals are becoming more mobile with video-chat appointments, and receiving medical care to your home with a touch of a smart phone app. Mobile technology is making things easy on both patients and doctors at nearly no expense. If you want your startup to succeed, the first step is to keep up with the technology.

2. Keep the Focus on Patient Experience

The new connected health technologies not only make things easier for patients, doctors and providers, it enhances the experience. Remembering that the key to these technologies are to make sure the service the patients get is the best they have ever had. The technology is there to make things easier on doctors and free up more time that they can spend with patients. Thinking through the eyes of the patient and making sure they are the most effective is deal for your startups success.

3. Innovations Need Funding

If you are in the business of creating healthcare innovations, funding can help you market and get the word out. Healthcare factoring with PRN Funding can get you the money you need to expand your healthcare business and keep creating amazing connected health technologies. Now is the time to get funding, when connected health is quickly making its way into the healthcare world. Don’t let your ideas stop short, reach your fullest potential while being financial-worry free.

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Phil Cohen

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Philip Cohen is the founder and President of PRN Funding, LLC. PRN Funding is an extraordinarily focused niche player in healthcare funding. With years of…... Read More

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