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Travel Nursing Employment at Record High

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By Phil Cohen

Most of us aspire to do some traveling throughout our lifetimes, and many people seek out careers that afford them some opportunities to see the world. Some professions are more amenable to travel than others, though—and it turns out that nursing is becoming an increasingly travel-friendly job. Plus, the demand for travel nurses only increases year by year.

Why are travel nurses in demand?

The field of travel nursing is going through a bit of a golden age. In fact, those in the industry are saying that the demand for travel RN’s has hit a twenty-year high. Susan Salka, CEO of AMN Healthcare, the United States’ largest travel nurse company, told USA Today that hospitals are now placing twice as many orders for travel nurses than in years past. There is such a demand for travel nurses that medical staffing companies truly cannot keep pace.

The boom in travel nursing jobs is the result of a revitalized national economy and the greater accessibility of healthcare policies under the Affordable Care Act, per USA Today. Simply put, the demand for health care, in general, is on the rise, as the public now has a better means of accessing insurance policies. The higher percentage of insured Americans coupled with the dramatic nursing shortage nationwide has resulted in healthcare facilities all over the country clamoring for temporary, travel nurses.

Technology in the healthcare industry has also played a role in the rise of the travel nurse. Nurses with niche technical skills and training are few and far between, and hospitals everywhere are in demand for their services. Nurses of this sort have found that it is most enjoyable—and most profitable—to travel around from assignment to assignment, rather than remain with one employer.

The benefits of travel nursing jobs

There is a litany of perks that come with being a travel nurse and having a travel nurse staffing company.

Obviously, the foremost advantage is that travel nursing jobs allow nurses to pick and choose where they live and work. Nurses could spend time in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, all within the same calendar year. And because there is such a strong demand for nurses everywhere, travel nurses often get to work in locations of their choosing.

Travel nurses are also typically paid a bit higher than are standard nurses. Nurse staffing companies will have a wonderful time working with a gigantic, nation-wide demand, and the nurses themselves will enjoy the variety of nomadic life.

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