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What to Tell Your Customers

What Do I Tell My Customers?

Hiring a factor can be difficult for some business owners because they may be worried about how their customers will view the new financing relationship. How do you tell your customers that PRN Funding will be managing your invoices? There are a number of ways to go about it:

“My new partnership with PRN Funding will allow my business to grow.”

Because the demand for health care services is so high at the moment, many companies in the industry are using alternative sources of financing to try to grow each day.

“Our business relationship will not change.” 

Even though PRN Funding will be managing my company’s receivables, our business relationship will go unchanged. We will continue to provide you with excellent services and bill as usual. The only thing that will change is the remittance information.

“PRN Funding is my new accounts receivable department.” 

From now on PRN Funding will be handling our collections. Should you need a copy of an invoice or are missing any supporting documentation, PRN Funding will gladly provide you with the information.

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