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Americans Tired of Healthcare Spending, Study Shows

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By Phil Cohen

With election season heating up, all of the presidential hopefuls are outlining their plans for national healthcare. Democratic candidates are looking to either preserve the reach of the Affordable Care Act or expand its influence, while Republican candidates largely champion its removal.

But what exactly is the consensus amongst the American people?

A recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University reveals that increased spending on healthcare and the Affordable Care Act is unpopular within conservative, liberal, and independent circles.

Research suggests that since the passage and enactment of Obamacare, the number of Republicans who believe that the United States spends too little on healthcare is down by 24%. But it is not just the Republicans who feel this way. The number of independents and Democrats who feel that we should spend less on healthcare is up by 16% and 12%, respectively. In a politically divided society, regarding a highly divisive piece of legislation, there is a surprising level of accord on this matter—Americans do not want to dump more money into federal health care right now.

The survey shows that the two major areas in which Americans would like to increase investment are for space exploration and restoration of infrastructure (highways, bridges, etc.).

So the question becomes, why are Americans, both Democrat and Republican, disenchanted with pouring more money into a comprehensive, national healthcare system that many clearly wanted in 2012?

Stephen L. Morgan, one of the researchers behind the study, told the Washington Post that the staunch Republican opposition towards the Affordable Care Act throughout its brief existence has simply exhausted the public, bringing forth a conservative “cold front.” And there may be some real merit to that theory, as the all-encompassing healthcare policy has been one of the most hotly contested pieces of legislation in recent history. The polarizing lack of unanimity between parties made the implementation of the Act messy and dysfunctional in several states, leaving current voters skeptical of its potential.

Only time will tell as to whether or not the Affordable Care Act experiment will end with a success. But one thing is clear, though, and it is that Americans are ready to shift the budget elsewhere. Managing a budget, whether for a nation or for a business, is a stressful endeavor. Luckily for small business owners, there is the smart, efficient, and risk-free process of invoice factoring that can help. PRN Factoring provides businesses in the healthcare industry with the working capital that they need in order to thrive, all without assuming one penny of debt. Turn your company into a success story and take advantage of the economy’s best form of alternative finance.

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Phil Cohen

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