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Big Data Shows Potential for the Future of Healthcare

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By Phil Cohen

Data experts, like Sriram Vishwanath know the potential of accurate data. Vishwanath tells Healthcare IT that the science behind data can change everything in the healthcare world. He says that big data is the answer to the way providers will handle their patient care.

Just in the way that analytics shape the way that people sell their products to consumers, the same will eventually be applied to healthcare. There needs to be a numbers person and a bedside person on board to make it happen. Vishwanath says that without the support and cooperation of doctors and nurses, the findings cannot be truly implemented. Two sides need to work together.

Big data needs to be understand as situational. It cannot fix every hiccup in the healthcare industry, but experts can use it to understand what works and what doesn’t for each situation separately. What works for some things won’t work for others.

Vishwanath tells Healthcare IT, “Analytics should be based on measured, field-tested accuracy, and not be sold as a solve-all for everything under the sun,” Vishwanath explained. “There are limitations to what any engine can do, and we should be honest about those limitations.”

There are two conflicting sides. Some people believe that analytics will force healthcare down the wrong path, while others believe this could be the answer to many problems that that lie ahead for healthcare. If nothing has changed in the past years that need change, that’s where it NEEDS change. Healthcare analysts are hoping that people take a leap of faith on big data.

Preparing for Change

Big data has the potential to show some big answers to best practices, and not just best practices for doctors. Medical coding and medical billing companies can also benefit from the results of big data. Is your healthcare company struggling to keep up with payroll and other expenses? We can help. At PRN Funding we can fund your business in just a few short days. This way, you can have the funds to keep your business on a steady cash flow schedule. You never know when big data results might come in and shake things up a bit. Contact us today to get started.

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Phil Cohen

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