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Why Emergency Nurse Staffing May Soon Be on the Rise

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By Phil Cohen

As the owner of a nurse staffing company, you have found a lucrative role within the twenty-first-century economy. With the rapidly aging population and a subsequent shortage in qualified nurses, your services are set to remain in high demand for decades to come. But, are you looking to add a new dynamic to your nurse staffing company?

Emergency Nursing

Of course, you are. As an entrepreneur in the health care industry, you are always looking for a new section of the market to test. Read on below to see why emergency nursing might quickly emerge as the next hot niche within the nurse staffing industry.

What is Emergency Nursing?

Emergency nursing is a rather self-explanatory type of health care. Per the Emergency Nurse Association’s website, the field can officially be defined as “the nursing specialty that encompasses caring for patients of all age groups and conditions, from delivering babies and resuscitating trauma arrests to administering medication.”

Emergency nursing is essentially the deliverance of nursing services in situations that require immediate responses. Nurses that wish to enter this line of work can get certified by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) and take courses on how best to administer healthcare in emergency settings.

The Demand for Emergency Nursing

So—emergency nursing certainly sounds like it holds an important role in the nursing industry, but why should your staffing company consider diversifying and including emergency services?

Emergency Nursing certification is a route that your temp nurse staffing business should look into because some lawmakers in Washington are pushing to devote $300 million of the federal budget to combat public health emergencies, namely infectious disease epidemics.

The push to set aside hundreds of millions of dollars of the 2018 budget for emergency response comes after President Donald Trump’s proposed spending cuts to the National Institutes of Health, one of the country’s foremost agencies in curing/preventing infectious disease. The cuts have worried Congressmen throughout the country, primarily in Florida, where infectious disease is most likely to spread (as we saw when the Sunshine State recently had a close encounter with the Zika virus).

What is to come for Emergency Nursing

So far, twenty-one legislators have expressed support for the emergency fund of $300 million. Representative Tom Cole, a Republican from Oklahoma, is chair of the Appropriations subcommittee on health and strongly urges his colleagues to consider its pragmatism. The Congressman told his fellow lawmakers that cutting the National Institutes of Health’s budget would be a grave mistake, pointing out that an infectious disease epidemic poses an ignored, yet deadly, threat to Americans—a far greater threat than even terrorism, he claimed.

Those behind the push are following the advice of former President Barack Obama’s public health advisors. With more and more congressmen taking up the proposal’s cause, there is a decent chance that the Apportions subcommittee on health will indeed set aside a few hundred million dollars to prevent the spread of a potential epidemic.

A prudent temporary nurse staffing company owner will pay close attention to this story’s development—if it becomes clear that there will, in fact, be $300 million set aside for preventing emergency epidemics, it provides an economic opportunity. $300 million, although it comprises only a fraction of the American gross domestic product (GDP), is larger than the GDPs of five sovereign nations around the world, in and of itself– it is a very significant appropriation of national funds.

Planning Ahead for Emergency Nursing

If an emergency does actually strike, you’ll want your nursing staff to be ready to help out where they can. The government will have a lot of money to offer by way of contracts, which is good for business, and your company will be able to contribute to ameliorating a public health crisis, which is good for everyone.

So, keep your eye on the Appropriations committee and this proposal. With the Trump administration is sure to come to a huge shakeup in the healthcare industry, despite the Republican failure to reform the Affordable Care Act this year. Big changes are on the horizon for the industry. Do you need to change up the way that your nurse staffing company is handling its finances? Are you struggling to make payroll? If so, PRN Funding can help you change that—we specialize in financing small nurse staffing companies. Call us about our nurse staffing factoring and ditch the stress of weak cash flow.

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