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Hospital Hiring Highs and Lows in 2015: Where does your Healthcare Staffing Firm Stand?

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By Phil Cohen

Hospital hiring in the United States has had its share of highs and lows this past year. Since January there has been a roller coaster-like trend in the hiring world of healthcare. A factor that could be playing into why this trend is happening is the constant consolidation and rural hospital closings across the U.S. Another factor that could play into the ups and downs is the competition that is coming from medical groups and community health centers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that medical employment will continue to grow over 17% within the next 10 years but be spaced out. These drops in employment should not be alarming for healthcare staffing firms. It is a general rise and fall that is to be expected. According to Modern Healthcare, a parent company of Meritt Hawkins saw an increase in revenue of 39.5% from permanent placement services hiring nurses, locum tenens and physicians.

Healthcare staffing firms should really be looking into staffing for healthcare centers rather than hospitals. The BLS is predicting a 29.4% increase in general healthcare employment. This percentage is much higher than the expected hospital employment for the years to come. Healthcare staffing agencies should focus on the medical groups and community health centers that are currently on the heels of the hospitals.

When healthcare staffing needs are in a lull, where do you find your business? If you find your firm struggling to make payroll or pay rent, PRN Funding can offer assistance. We offer factoring services for healthcare service providers, including medical staffing agencies. Never worry about whether hiring needs will drop and when they will rise again. PRN Funding will give you the security of a steady cash flow to handle any slow month your business might have with medical staffing factoring.

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Phil Cohen

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