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Navigating Change Healthcare Disruption – PRN Funding Remains Your Funding Partner

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By Phil Cohen

The recent ransomware attack on Change Healthcare, a major healthcare technology provider, has caused significant disruptions in the healthcare industry. As a company dedicated to healthcare companies, PRN Funding understand the critical role of reliable financial services, especially during times of uncertainty.

The Ripple Effect of the Change Healthcare Attack

Change Healthcare processes a significant volume of healthcare transactions, and the attack caused disruptions in areas like pharmacy operations and patient payments. This led to:

  • Payment processing: Delays in processing healthcare transactions, creating cash flow issues for businesses.
  • Operational inefficiencies: Increased manual workarounds for tasks normally handled through Change Healthcare’s platform.
  • Patient care delays: Potential delays in filling prescriptions and other essential healthcare services.

PRN Funding: A Reliable Funding Option

At PRN Funding, we understand the critical role of financial stability, especially during unforeseen circumstances. We want to assure our clients and potential partners that:

  • Our funding remains unaffected: PRN Funding maintains a robust financial position independent of Change Healthcare, ensuring we continue to support our clients’ needs.
  • We specialize in navigating disruption: We possess extensive experience in helping businesses navigate various challenges, and we can assist you in finding creative solutions to maintain cash flow during this period.
  • Your success is our priority: Our dedicated team is committed to providing guidance and support as you navigate the impact of the Change Healthcare attack.

Impacted by the Change Healthcare outage?

PRN Funding is here to help navigate the disruptions.

Contact us today to discuss your specific situation and how we can support your business.

Photo of author

Phil Cohen

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Philip Cohen is the founder and President of PRN Funding, LLC. PRN Funding is an extraordinarily focused niche player in healthcare funding. With years of…... Read More

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