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Staff More Nurses, Satisfy More Patients

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By Phil Cohen

The key to having a successful, highly rated medical business is ensuring high patient satisfaction. The secret to patient satisfaction? Staffing more nurses.

The Direct Correlation Between Patient Satisfaction and Nurse Staffing

Businesses in the healthcare field have historically struggled with meeting and exceeding patient demands. One thing that has stayed solid over this time is the correlation between nurse staffing and patient satisfaction.

One in every 10 patients surveyed said the availability of registered nurses and aids affects their medical care experience the most. In addition, that same number of patients said there were rarely enough RNs during their stay at a medical facility.

The easiest, most fruitful way to improve patient satisfaction is by providing enough people to care for them in any given circumstance.

Even though there is, and most likely will always be, an insurmountable need for nurses, it is not impossible to find quality RNs to staff medical floors. Facilities can hire full-time, part-time and per diem nurses as well as hiring nurses through a staffing agency.

Patient satisfaction in healthcare starts with those in need feeling like they have been taken care of. If a patient feels they are not receiving adequate care, they will not recommend the medical facility to another. If one nurse gets sick and calls off, a patient can feel like their care is compromised. Even in the age of the internet, word of mouth travels fast. One bad experience can impact business for months or years to come.

Investing in nursing staffing means investing in care and attention toward patients, who ultimately decide if your medical business is one they continue to visit or one they will refuse to go to for the rest of their needs.

More Nurses Equals Better Care for Patients

In another report, patients would choose a hospital that had good stories of personal care but had less-than-favorable mortality statistics over a hospital that had the opposite.

Hospitals as a whole currently have an overall satisfaction rating of 67% — only 10 percentage points below the tobacco industry and slightly above the IRS – according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. A different survey found that 80% of respondents think hospitals cut corners to save money, with most of them saying those cuts have endangered the patients they care for.

While hospitals may have to be careful with their budgets, it needs to be noted that patients notice when their care is compromised. There are other ways to reduce spending without lowering overall care quality and attentiveness.

Studies have strongly connected patient satisfaction with nursing staffing levels, the RN’s work environment and the connection an RN has to the physician or doctor providing care.

Nurses who work in what is considered “poor” environments care for an average of 5.3 patients, while nurses in “better” environments have an average of 4.6 patients. While that does not seem like a huge difference in number, it does make a noticeable difference in the care that patients receive.

When patients experience good care versus mediocre care, they are more likely to repeatedly choose to go where they were given good care, even if it costs more than the facility that provided mediocre, more affordable care. Those seeking medical attention are not willing to save a few dollars if it means sacrificing their wellbeing.

Hospitals and medical care facilities can afford to staff nurses because staffing nurses equals higher patient satisfaction, which in turn equals more patients choosing your facility for their care.

Can’t Afford More Nurses?

You can with nurse staffing factoring. If your medical facility or hospital works with a vendor management system to bring in nurses and manage payroll, you qualify for nurse staffing factoring.

Get the capital needed to pay nurses on time, purchase new medical equipment and manage operations. If your business can’t afford more nurses due to waiting 30 or more days to get paid, start nurse staffing factoring today. Doing so allows your medical business to hire the RNs needed to satisfy patients and draw a larger crowd to your life-saving care.

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PRN Funding is the nurse staffing factoring expert. We’ll work with your company personally to ensure success through alternative funding. Call us to speak with one of our factoring experts, or if you prefer, fill out an online form to get a nursing staffing factoring quote.

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