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Philip Cohen Appointed to Board of Directors of Commercial Finance Association

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By Phil Cohen

New York, NY-After careful review, PRN Funding, LLC was welcomed into the Commercial Finance Association (CFA) by the organization’s executive committee on May 16, 2008.

In addition to PRN Funding’s acceptance into the association, the executive committee also appointed the president of PRN Funding, Philip Cohen, as one of the CFA’s Board of Directors.

The objectives of the CFA are to provide through discussion and publication:

  • A forum for the consideration of inter- and intra-industry ideas and opportunities.
  • To make available current information on legislation and court decisions relating to asset-based financial services.
  • To improve legal and operational procedures employed by the industry.
  • To furnish to the general public information on the function and significance of the industry in the credit structure of the country.
  • To encourage the Associations Members and their personnel in the performance of their social and community responsibilities.
  • And to promote through education the sound development of asset-based financial services.

With years of experience in the healthcare vendor marketplace, PRN Funding has a precise understanding of the unique challenges within medical coding. PRN Funding offers financial resources to these medical coding companies and consultant by purchasing their accounts receivable–a process known as ‘factoring,’ which provides the cash needed to sustain and grow a healthcare business.

Photo of author

Phil Cohen

About the author

Philip Cohen is the founder and President of PRN Funding, LLC. PRN Funding is an extraordinarily focused niche player in healthcare funding. With years of…... Read More

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