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PRN Funding Associate presented with 2006 Contributing Writer of the Year Award

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By Phil Cohen

Atlanta, GA-An audience of over 3000 cash flow professionals applauded for PRN Funding’s marketing associate, Nicole Spiezio, when she was presented the 2006 Contributing Writer of the Year award by the American Cash Flow Journal (ACFA) on Saturday, May 27, 2006.

Previously awarded exclusively to Million Dollar Club honorees, Spiezio is the first employee of an accounts receivable factor to be presented with the prestigious Contributing Writer of the Year award.

Managing Editor of the American Cash Flow Journal and presenter of the award, Judy Arndt, explained that the award has not been given to a funding source in the past because the company that they represent benefits directly from the editorial associated with writing the articles.

“Funding sources recognize that writing for the Journal gives them the chance to put their company name out in front of the ACFA membership and to identify themselves as funders who want to work with consultants,” Arndt said. “They write about topics that will serve them as well as readers, and that’s not a negative thing. That’s what we expect them to do. However, [Nikki] has stepped beyond what is expected and has shared her wisdom with the readers’ success as her primary motivation. We applaud that.”

President of PRN Funding, Philip Cohen was extremely honored to have one of his employees recognized. “We are very excited for Nikki’s achievement,” Cohen said. “As a representative of the PRN Funding team, her contributions to the American Cash Flow Journal represent how dedicated the entire company is to educating others about the unique industry of health care funding.”

Since the beginning of her tenure as a contributing writer for the American Cash Flow Journal, Spiezio has written in excess of 20 articles for the publication. In addition, Spiezio has also had her writings published in the American Cash Flow Bi-Weekly Newsletter and Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine.

With years of experience in health care services, PRN Funding has a precise understanding of the unique challenges within the demanding business of serving vendors to healthcare institutions. PRN Funding offers financial resources to these companies by purchasing their accounts receivable–a process known as “factoring,” which provides the cash needed to sustain and grow a healthcare business.

Photo of author

Phil Cohen

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Philip Cohen is the founder and President of PRN Funding, LLC. PRN Funding is an extraordinarily focused niche player in healthcare funding. With years of…... Read More

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