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Study Highlights Benefits of Staffing Temporary Nurses

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By Phil Cohen

A new study from the University of Rochester School of Nursing proves that employing temporary nurses may help healthcare facilities cut costs. Modest use of temporary nurses helps medical facilities get through periods of high patient volume and combat occasional shortages of permanent staff. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the research found that hiring temp nurses and healthcare workers provides a solution to reducing overtime hours for full-time staff and addresses interim staff shortages related to leaving coverage and vacancies.

According to the findings, the appropriate implementation of temp nurses can decrease a facility’s average overall nursing personnel cost per patient day by $6.03, and also improves the quality of patient care by eliminating overtime fatigue and nurse burnout.

On the flip side, the study indicates that too much reliance on temporary nurses was shown to be not cost-efficient. Employing temporary nurses – should be just that – a temporary fix or a supplement to permanent staff.

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Phil Cohen

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