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Survey Suggests Quality of Care Concerns

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By Phil Cohen

A recent Harris poll suggests that healthcare consumers are growing more concerned about the quality of care they receive from nurses in the wake of the Affordable Care Act taking effect.

While more than 80 percent of respondents (aged 30 and older) expressed confidence in their nurses’ ability to treat them, the same number shared their worry that the quality of care is decreasing because those same capable nurses are responsible for larger numbers of patients.

In addition, two-thirds of survey respondents indicated some level of worry that the quality of care will continue to decrease as more patients obtain health insurance and seek medical care. Many were particularly concerned about the quality of their care. In fact, there is significantly more concern about nurse staffing in hospitals than there is about electronic health records becoming more widely available.

A final observation from the survey reported that 40 percent of adults surveyed had seen first-hand examples of poor quality nurse care from their own hospital stay or that of a loved one. The question of how the ACA impacts the quality of patient care is not a new one, and as elements of the ACA continue to take effect more consumers are likely to join the concerned chorus.

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Phil Cohen

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