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Streamlining Healthcare Staffing is a Priority for Reducing Costs

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By Phil Cohen

Aside from preparing for new initiatives introduced by the Affordable Care Act, many HR healthcare professionals believe that streamlining healthcare staffing is currently their top priority for reducing costs.

In addition to cutting expenditures on hiring and onboarding costs, including temporary healthcare staffing, 73 percent of HR professionals said that they viewed streamlining of their own healthcare staffing processes as the number one cost initiative.

Nevertheless, recent responses collected in The Healthcare HR Initiatives Survey, conducted by HealthcareSource, reveal some type of disagreement among recruiters and other healthcare HR staff. 80 percent of senior HR VPs and other executives surveyed stated that preparing for healthcare reform was the top priority to reduce costs, but only 27 percent of recruiters who responded to the same survey were in agreement with this statement. Most recruiters admitted that they don’t believe healthcare reform preparation is the first priority.

80 percent of those surveyed said enhancing employee satisfaction was an important HR initiative to improve patient satisfaction. Furthermore, 78 percent of the survey participants mentioned creating a culture of employee accountability as yet another vital initiative.

65 percent of those surveyed admitted that one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in order to meet these cost-cutting initiatives was having enough time for HR to tackle projects. Other challenges mentioned by fewer than half the survey participants included dealing with budgets and healthcare staffing. Many HR healthcare professionals anticipate turning to HR technology to help achieve these initiatives and save time, including performance management software and social media for recruiting purposes.

Regardless of what your healthcare company’s top cost initiatives are, healthcare staffing factoring can be the key to increasing your cash flow. Improve your financial condition and add profit to your bottom line by applying for healthcare staffing factoring now.

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Phil Cohen

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